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Thanks to everyone who pre-ordered and pledged in our Kickstarter campaign, we have now raised the funds to do our first printed edition of Stories for Being!
We are so grateful!! it’s in the works. Keep checking back here for updates on the progress.

Mindfulness is the act of bringing conscious attention to the present moment. And it’s amazing how much lighter and clearer it can make you feel. Our friend the Little Guru wants to help you get there and he has plenty of easy-to-learn meditations and mantras you can do yourself and share with your kids. 
Visit our MINDFULNESS page to try some out.

Should I worry about my daughter’s love of princesses?

By | August 26th, 2018|Children, mindful, Mindfulness, Parenting|

My daughter wants to be a princess. I have done nothing to encourage this feeling in her because, personally, I dislike princesses. They represent everything I instinctively stand against – [...]

Five mindful tips for staying present with your kids

By | June 12th, 2018|Children, mindful, Mindfulness, Parenting, Stories For Being|

Kids and adults are alike in the need to be seen. Kids might seem more naked in their expression of that need but then adults can be pretty unrestrained in [...]