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Mindfulness is a great idea but maybe not a great word! The word implies your mind should be full but really it’s about trying to create the opposite. Our minds are already crammed with thoughts and feelings. Mindfulness is about trying to shed some of these thoughts and feelings, which let’s face it, are often unhelpful and repetitive.

How can we do this? The simplest way is to bring your attention to things happening right now. In other words, what does your body feel like? What is th

e quality of your breath? What do you smell? Are you happy, sad, anxious? The next part of mindfulness is the attitude we bring to this present moment practice. So can you be accepting of what’s going right now? Can you accept the way you are feeling? That doesn’t mean you don’t try to change things if you can. It just means that in the first moment you accept what is. And you move forward from that point.

Does all this sound quite simple? Or does it strike you as extremely hard? It’s kind of both. Being present ought to be easy. There’s no learning involved. It’s just a question of letting go. But letting go can be hard. Even when the things you want to let go of are things that don’t serve you, things that make your life harder. But if you can learn to do this the potential benefits are huge.

To help you in this process check out some of our easy-to-follow, short meditations and mindful messages below. Because practicing mindfulness for even just a couple of minutes a day can help re-center you to become a happier, calmer person. Someone better able to navigate this crazy rollercoaster ride we call life.

The Little Guru Teaches

CLICK ON THE IMAGES BELOW for some quick and easy mindfulness practices. They are simple enough to teach to most elementary-age kids. If your kids are younger you can simply practice them yourself. Because mindful parents help foster more mindful kids.

The Little Guru Says

It’s so important to give ourselves positive affirmations throughout the day. To remind ourselves of what’s truly important and the small but powerful things we can do to get to where we need to be. So CLICK ON THE GIFS BELOW to enjoy and share some simple mindful messages courtesy of #thelittleguru.