The Universal Themes Of Staying Present

I found this great page on the website of the mindfulness teacher, Susan Kaiser Greenland. It’s a simple guide to many of the universal themes that come up in mindfulness practice. A few of the themes are: Acceptance, Appreciation, Compassion and Everything Changes.

Below each theme she has a short summary of how to approach each one. For example, for Appreciation, she writes: “When I remember to appreciate my relationships, health, good experiences, belongings, and the natural world, I see that appreciation is a cause and effect of happiness.”

Different types of attention

I also like how she differentiates two sorts of Attention: Spotlight and Floodlight. Spotlight Attention is the realisation that you can choose where to put your attention and keep it there. Floodlight Attention is the reminder that you can hold back from reactivity to events unfolding around you and thereby keep an open mind.

This looks like a great tool to help you and your kids understand and better master your mental orientation to the world.

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