Can Reading To Your Kids Be Your Meditation?

Search online and you’ll see that there are a million articles and blog posts extolling the virtues of reading to kids from a young age. There’s lots of research showing the big difference it can make in terms of language skills, curiosity and concentration. Not to mention what a beautiful bonding experience it can be.

We believe that INCREASING MINDFULNESS will be something that appears on the list of advantages in future years and that’s what we’re working hard to achieve. The bedtime story is the perfect vehicle to plant the seeds of a more conscious way of living in our children and also – crucially – in ourselves.

We have noticed that when we read a bedtime story whose style and tone is more meditative and calming it has a soothing effect on us as well as on our daughter. We want to take this a step further and create a series of seven picture books where this is not just a side-effect but central to how the books are constructed.

That doesn’t mean the books will be just instructional or didactic. They will be artful and engaging and filled with good storytelling (we hope :)). With our books we hope parents will be able to turn the bedtime routine into a mindful experience, a moment of spaciousness at the end of a busy day.

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