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Who is the Little Guru?

The simple answer to this is: we don’t know. We met the Little Guru only once and during that encounter gleaned nothing about their background. Despite exhaustive research we have been unable to turn up any solid facts, only a series of rumors, some of whose authenticity we seriously doubt. According to who you believe the Little Guru first appeared to Masai herders in East Africa. Another story has it that they are the child of a warlock and a mermaid, raised out to sea on a remote island of giant crabs. With only this to go on, the best we can do is to tell you how the Little Guru came in to our own lives.

Like many adventure stories it began with an ominous knock at the door late one winter’s night. A snow blizzard was in full force as we sat safely ensconced inside our city walk-up, anxiously awaiting a long overdue takeout order. Perhaps it was the hunger but the knocking on the door unnerved us more than usual. Our already frayed nerves were thrown off even more by the sight that greeted us when we opened it: A child clad only in harem pants. A full-blown blizzard was underway outside and yet the child seemed totally unaffected by the icy conditions. Fearing for their well-being we dragged them inside. As we laid hands on them we noticed that their skin was neither wet nor cold. After a while they spoke.

It is hard to describe that voice. It was like no voice you have ever heard and yet somehow so familiar, and the effect it had on us was immediate. We were entranced. We spoke long into the night with the Little Guru, about everything and anything. We insisted they stay the night, making up a bed for them on the couch. When we came down the next morning they were gone.

For the next few days after this visitation we didn’t know what to do with ourselves. Finally we decided on a trip to the coast to clear our heads. It was here that a very odd thing happened. We were standing on the beach admiring the breakers when a sea otter appeared from out of the surf. It approached us and began to speak. The sea otter said she was a friend of the Little Guru. The animal, who spoke surprisingly good English, said that henceforth they would act as a sort of go-between, delivering to us messages from them. We do not know where they are and whether we will see them again. The messages keep coming.